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5 of the best wine movies you need to watch with a bottle of wine!

Wine! And Movies! What a fun topic. First, let me get this out of the way: this isn’t the most comprehensive list of all time of wine in movies. Here’s why: sometimes, I just want the top picks. I don’t want all the picks, just the best recommendations. So, that’s what this list is: a few wine movies you’ll enjoy (not every possible wine you could watch,) plus a few video wine classes if you’re looking for wine education.

The list may be short, but it’s solid. Here you go.

5 of the Best Wine Movies

1. Bottleshock

This is my favorite wine movie because it follows the true story of the Judgement of Paris, the 1976 French wine competition that made California Wine Country legit in the world wide wine community. Professor Snape is the snooty wine judge, Steven Spurrier, who is skeptical of the American wine makers. The Chateau Montelena team may not have attended Hogwarts, but there is enough magic in the Chardonnay to win the competition. In all seriousness, this entertaining movie depicts an historical event but also shows wine country lifestyle: agricultural and the people who make wine are dedicated to quality. It’s a must-watch for any wine lover.

Wine to try: The competition winner, Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars Cask 23 is a little expensive … Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars Artemis is fancy and pricier but not exorbitant.

2. Somm

This documentary follows candidates for the Master of Sommelier, which is the most intense test you can take in the field of wine – there are less than 200 worldwide. It is the most entertaining and informative peak into the wine certification world you’d ever be able to watch.

3. Sideways

A classic. Everyone has seen this, right? It never gets old. Miles trash talks Merlot the entire movie (which contributed to a boost in Pinot Noir sales and a plunge in Merlot sales when the movie came out!) – but the special bottle he’s been saving forever and opens at the end of the movie is a Merlot. It’s like A Princess Bride of adult movies – you can watch so many times and not get sick of it.

4. Wine Country

The all-star hilarious cast, story, and setting made me think this was about to be the best movie of all time —- and it just sort of fell flat for me. Maybe my expectations were too high. Not enough wine tasting, not enough scenery. It could have been a lot funnier, but I still liked it!

5. A California Christmas

I’d say the majority of wine people would cringe and say “why in the world would this make any respectable list of wine movies?” It’s preposterous, cheesy, not at all serious, and has a predictable storyline. This is not going to win an Oscar, it’s a Netflix Christmas Movie. HOWEVER. I happen to love cheesy, predictable, non-stressful romances featuring ridiculous situations – and the side story starring wine expert ranch hand and the butler really seals the deal and puts this in the “best wine movie” recommendation category for me. You’re welcome, or I’m sorry, LOL.

Wine in Movies

These aren’t really wine movies, but feature iconic wine brands in the movie.

Great Gatsby

Robert Redford is still my Gatsby, but the party scene in the Leo DiCaprio version is every event planner’s dream. It’s glorious, and it features plenty of champagne. I want to be a guest at that party!

James Bond + Dom PĂ©rignon

My dear girl, there are some things that just aren’t done, such as drinking Dom Perignon ’53 above the temperature of 38 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s just as bad as listening to the Beatles without earmuffs.

James Bond in Goldfinger

Bond, James Bond typically drinks martinis shaken and not stirred, but the movies include plenty of champagne moments, too. Who’s your favorite Bond? Personally, I like Pierce Brosnan (so smooth and beautiful) and Roger Moore.

Videos to Learn about Wine

James Suckling Teaches Wine Appreciation on Masterclass

Getting Started with Wine with Gary V. On Skillshare

Wine Folly on YouTube – Wine Folly is the BEST educational wine brand, in my opinion – I always recommend Wine Folly as the best wine book to learn about wine, plus the website, Instagram and YouTube have excellent content about wine.

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