How not to eat an artichoke

Farmstead Restaurant in Napa

While we were in Napa at a very cool, farm-chic restaurant, Farmstead, the server suggested the artichoke to start, and I love artichokes, so we ordered the appetizer.

When it arrived, I was surprised my husband would try something so exotic (he is a southern boy, and likes his meat + threes, but in California is surprisingly adventurous when it comes to dining) – so he said, “eat it like a chip?”

And I said, “I think so.”

We chewed on the artichoke… and chewed… and chewed… and chewed… and chewed… until I remembered HOW to eat an artichoke: Don’t eat the leaves. You kind of scrape off the “meat” and eat the artichoke heart. Delicious!

We should have watched the informative “How to eat an artichoke” Food Network video first:

Not that it would have been possible, but if we’d chewed all of those leaves, our server’s reaction would have been priceless!



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  1. 6.28.14

    I LOVE artichoke, but I’ve been too chicken to attempt to prepare a whole one by myself. I usually buy them canned and keep some on hand for dips and salads.

    • 6.28.14

      Nicole – so funny you said that because I am THINKING I am going to attempt it this week. That video makes it look so easy… which it probably is really easy, if you’re a professional chef.

  2. 6.30.14
    Madaline said:

    OMG I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who has done this!!!! I was scared of artichokes for years because I didn’t know what “to do” with them!

    • 6.30.14

      LOL!!! Yay – I’m so glad we’re not the only ones confused artichokes!!!