Easiest Summer Garden

For the horticulturally challenged: here’s hope to fill your instagram with squares of homegrown produce

You have big dreams of a summer garden: square-photo visions of homegrown pretty produce. Yet, you can’t keep store-bought orchids alive.

Don’t stress: you can keep your farmer-chic dreams alive!

A Pretty Summer Garden

Grow an instagrammable summer garden easily with Seedsheet. This cool company let’s you pick out what vegetables you’d like to grow online, then sends you a flat sheet with the seed pods to grow the garden. We chose corn, basil, green beans, zucchini, lettuce, jalapeños, and chives. Simply lay your seedsheet on top of dirt, water it daily, and VOILA! You’re now a farmer. With grown plants and vegetables.

Happy farming, friends!

Seedsheet Garden

Easy gardening kit

“Grow your own food”

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Our seedsheet produce!

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