Fun & Affordable Kids’ Easter Basket Ideas

be the best Easter bunny ever
kids’ easter basket ideas

Happy Easter! We’ve rounded up the easiest kids’ Easter basket ideas so you can be the best Easter bunny ever. Here is a tried-and-true simple formula for a basket that is loaded with fun, but not over the top with lots of toys:

  • First, find a pretty Easter basket
  • Then, add crinkle paper pastel grass
  • Layer in Easter candy
  • Add a book
  • Add a game or arts & crafts supplies
  • Finally, add a swimsuit or beach toy

You’ve got entertainment for spring break all in the basket.

Kids’ Easter Basket Ideas

Pretty Easter Baskets

Get an Easter basket that you can use for storage, too.

Pretty Crinkle Grass

Easter Books

Books always make a great gift!

Cool Arts + Crafts Supplies

What child doesn’t love to create? Adding a few arts & crafts supplies and activities will make Easter morning fun.


Games & Beach Toys

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