‘Turkey on the Table’

A fun tradition to focus on Thanksgiving and giving thanks with your kids

When I unboxed the Turkey on the Table, my husband’s initial reaction was an eye roll. Admittedly, it is a little bit tacky and seems like it’s #tryingsohard to be the next Elf on the Shelf. BUT, two days in, we love it. Here’s our ‘Turkey on the Table’ review for y’all, in case you’ve been considering buying one (or maybe you haven’t heard of it?)

Thanksgiving just doesn’t get the hype that Halloween and Christmas enjoy. There are no fireworks. No sunny weather for a long beach weekend. No gifts. It’s not like kids count down until the days Thanksgiving will be here. But it’s such a special holiday! It’s a time for families to come together for food, and comfort, and celebration, and love – all without the pressure of gift giving. Plus, the food basically requires everyone to wear stretch pants so everyone is forced to be relaxed.

Turkey on the Table is a fun tradition to focus on Thanksgiving and giving thanks.

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Turkey on the Table Review

Turkey on the Table arrives in a box with a book, marker, feathers, and the turkey. Is it a gorgeous centerpiece I’m thrilled to display in the middle of my kitchen? No. It’s not hideous but it’s not a designer centerpiece either. I knew my kids would like it and I love the tradition of writing down a gratitude daily. If you are crafty (I am not), you could create something similar with the same sentiment for probably a less than the $39 the Turkey on the Table costs.

My son (9) started yesterday and wrote his message out. Then I added mine. Then my daughter (4) scribbled on it. Today, I came down to see another feather in the turkey’s tail and honestly – I hate to be a gushy mom but seriously let me gush for a second – my dear sweet angel baby boy had written – unprompted! – his gratitude for the day on a feather.

And it said in impressive handwriting with an apostrophe in the appropriate spot, “I’m thankful for the kindness that’s being spread around”

He nailed the meaning of the season.

So the thankful turkey immediately earned a place in my heart.

turkey on the table

By thanksgiving, we’ll have a tail full of thankful feathers, and it will be special reading them. Then, I’ll probably take a picture of all of them for a Chatbooks photo album or a framed collage.

One of my feathers will be the “turkey on the table” for reminding us daily to focus on gratitude.

Buy Turkey on the Table

You can buy the turkey from Amazon and Nordstrom

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