Witches Get Stuff Done: 8 adulting Halloweenish things to do

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What to read: Getting Things Done: the art of stress-free productivity by David Allen IS AMAZING. It will totally change the way you do your to do list. The author explains you need to get everything out of your brain and onto paper to stop the endless loop of all the things in your brain. (what’s for dinner? I need to get a birthday gift. I don’t want to forget to send that email. I need to design that newsletter. That package needs to go into the mail.) Writing down the very next step on one list and keeping a “waiting for” list are just two of the ways the author simplifies even the most complicated projects. 


Witches get stuff done: A chore chart for adults may be the best way to track who really unloads the dishes more.


Get under a comedic spell: Mindy Kaling’s funny and inspiring speech (with a side dose of a roast to Reese) is worth the quick read.


The office witch: J Crew Factory has a great collection of classic fall work staples including a camel blazer and sleeveless turtleneck, all on sale.


Drink up, witches: It’s time to open up a crowd-pleasing red wine, wear a pair of socks, and watch something new on Netflix.


Watch a Halloween movie: Jordan & Co breaks down all of the Halloween movies to watch with kids, grouped by age.


Witch can cook: Hands down, the best chocolate chip pumpkin bread you’ll ever taste. Make it for breakfast. Bring it to parties. Give it as gifts in pretty paper loaf pans. Enjoy.


Bewitched Fashion Magic: best wardrobe ever goes to Sam on Bewitched. She rocks the fit and flare dress, season after season.

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