Oktoberfest & Halloween activities in Myrtle Beach

Welcome to the Good Taste Guide to the Weekend! What are you up to this weekend? Myrtle Beach is hosting the annual Oktoberfest at The Market Common, which is always a blast. Kids love the bouncy house, parents love the Oktoberfest beer and food. If you’re not in Myrtle Beach… we’ve compiled our list of top ten things to do from what podcast to download and what quick article to read to fun Halloween-y activities to try. Have a great weekend! Cheers 🥂

Sunset at Fripp Island

1| Win every Halloween party.

Make this easy 100% That Witch Halloween Costume (ha!)

2 | Go keto.

Try a new Keto recipe for dinner (we rounded up our favorites that we’ve tried.)

3| Make a fancy candy snack platter.

Having a party? Check out this halloween snack board filled with pretzels and candy as a cool snacking centerpiece.

4 | Understand why dinner justifiably stresses you out.

Must read: the mental load of cooking dinner.

5 | Watch more Breaking Bad.

All of you Breaking Bad fans, Netflix is bringing El Camino later this week. Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul are some of the most critically acclaimed series in our golden age of television. They are both very dark but top notch TV and this movie continues Jesse Pinkman’s storyline.

6 | Listen to a new podcast.

You know we love podcasts! This week, try HBR after Hours to learn from three Harvard Business professors, who talk weekly about business, pop culture, politics, and world events.

7 | Read all about podcast advertising.

We are not alone in loving podcasts: 20 million more people are listening to podcasts this year than 2018. The advertising always feels so much more organic and relevant in a podcast than on the radio – and it works. Hubspot gives an overview of podcast advertising, and it’s a fascinating (and informative!) read.

8 | Do or don’t:

headbands (they are all over instagram!)

9 | Buy a new piece of jewelry.

We love to support brands who support communities. Kendra Scott gets an A+ for making it a part of her company’s mission. Not only does she support charities and non-profits, she is helping the next generation of women entrepreneurs. The Kendra Scott Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute at the University of Texas at Austin has a mission we 100% support: “To strengthen the next generation of courageous, creative female leaders that will change the world – in business and beyond.” What a great excuse to buy pretty jewelry, right??

10 | Get clean.

Beautycounter’s countertime anti-agin skincare collection got a lot of hype, and we took three months to test it before making a recommendation. Check out our review, ranking the products you should try first if you don’t want to splurge on the entire line.

Thanks for reading the good taste guide to the weekend!!

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  1. 10.15.19
    happyloudlife said:

    Thank you so much for including my That Witch post! This is such a fun roundup!

    • 10.19.19
      Hatton said:

      That is the easiest and most clever Halloween costume on the world wide web!! Love your style!!!