10 things to do this weekend to be in the know

welcome to the good taste weekend guide, where we round up ten fun things for you to do, see, read & watch each week!

1 | Try the new Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich

Popeye’s launched a chicken sandwich two months ago and the item was so popular thanks to funny Twitter banter and viral taste test videos, a two month supply sold out in two weeks! We’ve all been waiting for the sandwich to return. 400 new hires later, and on SUNDAY (so brilliant), the chicken sandwich relaunched. Lines are STILL long in the drive-thru and in the restaurant! Have you tried it?? Share in the comments!!!

2 | Parents, start your Christmas shopping engines

Amazon is sending catalogues for kids to peruse and circle and compile their Santa list. It’s go time. The Good Taste Guide is rounding up gift lists for you this entire month, and we will be sharing all the deals of the season, too. Check out our white wooden play kitchens list (so many cute options!) and a 9 year old’s Pokemon gifts for kids picks. (Tell us what you’d like us to research! We have access to all kinds of retailers’ deals!)

3 | Watch Taylor’s Tiny Desk Concert

Have you watched NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts? Best of the Internet, no doubt. Taylor Swift’s Tiny Desk Concert is a solo performance with guitar and piano, the way the songs were written, is a must-watch.

4 | Follow It’s a Southern Thing

Always hilarious and relatable. YouTube, instagram… enjoy.

5 | Just be a boss

Does the term #girlboss really empower women?

6 | Try a winter wine

Wine Folly’s list of winter wines you’ll love is an excuse to start tasting. Or, you can try one of our picks for a crowd-pleasing red wine.

7 | Practice daily gratitude with your family

There’s a new Elf on the Shelf in town, but it’s a turkey with grateful feathers. Read our ‘Turkey on the Table’ review!

8 | Introduce someone properly

An interesting tip on how to introduce someone, from our favorite blog, Cup of Jo.

9 | Start watching The Morning Show, if you haven’t already

It’s soooooooooooooo sooooooooooo sooooooo good, ya’ll. Jennifer Aniston is chillingly sharp and the insight into the news industry – which clearly has a dark history – is intriguing.

10 | Play a game

Games are fun. We love Mancala, UNO Flip, and Pizza Party.

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