A Pretty Way to Display Your Favorite Instagram Prints

I did not have any pictures in my office of my baby girl (gasp!), so I ordered this wood block with prints from Artifact Uprising and thought I’d share. I love getting photos off of the cloud and onto paper, and this is a cool way to show off your Instagram prints…

instagram prints

Yes, I know, the photo is adorable. It makes me smile all day long. Except when I decide I want a new picture.

instagram prints

I can rotate them! Without having to pry open the back of a picture frame! Or have 25 picture frames crowding my desk! Look at all of those exclamation points!! That’s how much I love my new desk photo art!! (!!)

Artifact Uprising (strange name for a photo company?) has the coolest photo print products. I also want to create an instagram book and a postcard pack. Wouldn’t it be fun to send unexpected postcards with pretty photos to friends and family?

Now, let’s talk about the paper quality.

First, and I knoooow you know this, but I’ll say it anyway: never, EVER, get your photos printed by a sub-par one-hour photo place. Using a high quality printer makes an enormous difference in the prints. I use a company called 803 Labs in Myrtle Beach. I also really like Artifact Uprising’s printing style – it’s unique. For a traditional glossy or matte print though, please don’t go to a drugstore. Please.

Artifact Uprising does not produce your typical glossies… the thick paper has a texture like watercolor paper. It’s a distinctive style that’s a little bit artsy – definitely a fun way to display photos. You can upload from your computer or phone — or straight from your instagram feed. Simple!

I actually ordered photo prints too and I love them – but I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them yet. I had the bright idea to use Washi tape, the darling of DIY bloggers, but the pictures started falling down after a day. Any ideas? I’m considering a magnetic board or a cork board for the kitchen.


I also love our instagram magnets on the fridge. How do you display your favorite instagram prints? Where have you ordered them?

Disclaimer: I’m an affiliate of Artifact Uprising which means I make a tiny commission if you shop using one of the links. I only share the products I like. 

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