Once you've sat in a Big Joe Fuf, you'll never want a bean bag chair

The Big Joe Fuf is the Cadillac of bean bag chairs. The Fuf is shaped like a bean bag chair. It looks like a bean bag chair. Except it’s not actually a bean bag chair. The FUF is patented. It’s made from recycled foam. Intrigued? Let me tell you more about this gigantic ball stuffed with comfort.

In case you are wondering how to pronounce it: according to the instruction manual, Fuf is pronounced Foooooooo-f.)

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The Fuf arrives in a box. I could tell the Fuf was desperately trying to escape the box. However, the Fuf did not immediately expand when released from the cardboard confines.

2 kids and a dog fit on the large fuf

The Fuf IMMEDIATELY quadruples in size the minute you pounce on it. Which I did while my husband yelled “noooooooooo” in slow motion at audio level five in order to not wake up the children sleeping in the house. If you also get so excited by this gigantic fluff ball of recycled material and jump on it, rest assured you will not have a difficult time fitting the washable cover around it. Me jumping on it had no impact on our ability to zip the cover around it.

According to the booklet, a Fuf’s true size will be obvious in 7 – 10 days. That means the gigantic fluff ball taking up our playroom has the potential to grow. Here’s a quick video of us unboxing the Big Joe Fuf:

Our kids love their Fuf. I thought the two Fufs would live in the toy room for television watching, video game playing – but my son – and I PROMISE I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP – wanted it in his room for reading books. He is brilliant. If he’s not brilliant for reading books, he is brilliant for knowing that asking for the Fuf to read would get me to say “of COURSE!”

The Fuf is seriously comfortable, and the large is LARGE. The XL looks like it’s the size of a loveseat. The cover is super soft and machine washable, which is key with kids!

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We ordered the Fufs straight from the Big Joe website when they were running a Christmas special. Several other retailers carry them. Walmart seems to have the best selection and is the cheapest right now!

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