Fun Travel Vlog: Kara and Nate

Would you travel to 100 countries in 3 years?

Would you travel to 100 countries in 3 years? This couple did it, and you can watch their adventures!

As newlyweds, advice that’s often thrown out is “travel now, before you have kids!!!!” This couple took that advice to the EXTREME. My newest favorite YouTube Channel is Kara and Nate, a couple who quit their jobs to travel for a year and started a vlog to document it. The channel grew to be so popular, it’s now their full time job. They set a goal to travel to 100 countries, and they are going to reach it by the end of the year! Their adventures are so much fun to watch!

Sidenote: YouTube FASCINATES me. (If you have kids, most likely you have Ryan’s mom’s voice in the background on any given day.) Anyone can share their story and create a channel with cool, engaging videos – and earn income from it. You can create your own travel show. Or makeup show. Or cooking show. Or your opinions on Popeyes Chicken Sandwich. Whatever you want – you can create and post videos and attract on audience. You don’t need a crew or a show – just a lot of creativity and willingness to learn as you go. My husband and I watch YouTube videos on our television instead of show – I wonder if anyone else does this!?

Here’s the first Kara & Nate video I watched … then went down the rabbit hole of watching more. They have created more than 500 videos on their YouTube channel!

Such a cool video, right? I am terrified of heights so nope. Never going to take this trip. Just watching this video made me want to keep my feet on the ground!!

Kara and Nate are both fun to watch and create beautiful, engaging videos. They bring the countries they visit to life and will definitely give you the travel bug!

On their blog, they share travel hacks and tips as well as income reports on their YouTube channel. (This is the nerdy marketing stuff I love to analyze!)

I wonder where they will go next! Would you do this?? It seems like so much fun but also exhausting.

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