Throw a Pineapple Party

Pineapples have long been a signature of welcome – going back to the Christopher Columbus days when it was introduced to Europe and a rare treat for royalty. describes pre-Instagram social one-up-manship: “Creative food display–the main entertainment during a formal home visit–was a means by which a woman declared both her personality and her family’s status. Within the bounds of their family’s means, hostesses sought to outdo each other in the creation of memorable, fantasy-like dining room scenes. fancy fish display At such feasts, tabletops resembled small mountain ranges of tiered, pyramided and pedestaled foodstuffs often drizzled and webbed in sugar, studded with china figurines, festooned with flowers and interwoven with garlands of pine and laurel. Dinners were extravaganzas of visual delights, novel tastes, new discoveries and congenial conversation that went on for hours.”

So, you can’t go wrong with a pineapple. Well, you can’t go wrong with a stylish pineapple. It doesn’t need to be over-the-top, but a few of these accessories would make a cute touch to a soirée…

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 8.32.04 PM

Email Your Guest List

Evite is the way to go for a casual gathering, in my opinion. The invitations are stylish (you can even customize with your own photos!) and don’t require a stamp. It takes seconds together and sending is just a click instead of a stamp-lick away.

pineapple invtiation

Or Snail Mail Invitations

This classic pineapple invitation from Minted will set the tone for a sophisticated soirée if you’re having a more formal gathering.



Dress up the table

A Pineapple table runner from Minted will dress up your table and is a fun summer accent you can use again and again.

pineapple art print

For the Bar: Frame a Pineapple

Frame this pineapple art print from Minted in a simple white frame to add to the bar area or bar cart to add a subtly chic statement. As a photographer, I admire the composition and high contrast pineapple top against a white background.

Play ping pong

And coolest party game goes to… The pineapple ping pong set. How can you make ping pong preppier? Add a pineapple to the ball, mint to the net, and a yellow and mint design to the paddles.



Pour in Style

This pineapple pitcher was on my screen when my husband walked by and he irrationally declared, “we do NOT need that,” to which I replied in a puzzled tone, “we don’t?” It’s in my shopping cart. It’s $15. What do you think?

pineapple tumbler

Sip Cocktails

You will be P.I.M.P. if you serve cocktails in a gilded pineapple tumbler. It’s not really gold, but still mildly pricey around $30. Perfect to serve my favorite (and suuuuuuper simple to assemble) cocktail – the fizzy mandarin with frozen pineapple instead of ice cubes.

Just because.

Ok, this pineapple beach towel is a textile work of art. At $75, it’s a tad bit ridiculous, but isn’t it pretty? Perhaps you could justify it by making it a tablecloth for your party, then take it to the pool to dry off. Maybe?

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