Not Crafty? Be a hard-core wrapper this holiday season with these easy gift wrapping ideas.

2 Easy Gift Wrapping Ideas

Do you get a little angst at seeing pins with five minute tutorials on how to create the perfect bow, or a list of craft supplies that includes twigs and specialty glue?

Just step away from Pinterest. Step sloooowly away.

There. Feel better?

Minted’s gift wrapping supplies make it easy for you – yes, even you – to produce a beautifully wrapped gift in 20 seconds without any craft supplies (other than scissors and tape, assuming those are not extraordinary supplies to keep on hand during the holiday season.)

Your friends will think you’ve been trained by Anthropologie elves at the North Trendy Pole.

Easy Gift Wrapping # One

Box + Personalized Sticker + Ribbon
Tie a ribbon around the box. Stick the sticker on the box.


Easy Gift Wrapping # Two

Box + Personalized Sticker + Wrapping Paper
Cut a strip of the wrapping paper and then add a sticker on top. Overachievers, you can add a bow.

What to order

Small Gift Boxes
Personalized Stickers
Wrapping paper(Minted offers gorgeous designs by artists, and also design options which can be personalized with photos, a message or a monogram!)

Minted More Gift Box + Discounts Year Round

Minted More is a membership program which offers excellent discounts year-round, but the best part is the gift box, well worth the $50 to join.

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