Personalized sleep masks make great gifts!

Go-To Personalized Gifts for Her

Supporting a woman-led company … CHECK.

Sending a gift you can’t get anyplace else … CHECK.

High quality with that coolness factor … CHECK.

White Confetti Box delivers on every level – the gift items are so cool, stylish, and fun – yet, they aren’t exorbitantly expensive. All of the gifts are customizable – so you take something useful like a sleep mask or a candle and turn it into next-level cool.

The sleep masks aren’t super expensive (like $9?) but adding a name on it makes it so much more special!

I’ve given White Confetti Box gifts for my kid’s teachers, for my friends, for congratulations on new jobs gifts. It’s so fun to give a gift with your friend’s name on it!

There is just something extra special with getting a gift with your name on it. Or your monogram. It says, “I actually ordered this a few days in advance rather than dashing to Target hours before seeing you.”

I just have to brag on my friend who started the company. One day, I plan to sit down and do a YouTube interview with her to share her story, or maybe a podcast, but until then, let me just tell you: Rachel’s style is infused in White Confetti Box. She started out creating personalized wine labels, before Shutterfly and Pinhouse Press jumped on the personalized wine label train. Her Etsy store was so successful, she was able to turn her side hustle (before the term side hustle was a thing) and turn it into her full-time business. She was surprised by the success of her little enterprise and adapted and pivoted along the way, veering away from the wine labels and turning her operation into a custom gifts business. She’ll tell you her biggest asset is her printing equipment, but I’d argue it’s her vision – she’s creative and she makes smart decisions.

Side note: hey Alicia, we really need to get together since the photo featured at the top was actually your Christmas gift…

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