A fool-proof (and hilarious) way to never forget a birthday

Like Christmas for birthdays

Do you forget to send cards and gifts for birthdays? Some women have It: the ability to never forget a birthday. They possess a thoughtful gene that sends reminder synapses to the brain, resulting in birthday gifts and cards delivered on time, with thoughtful messages, paired with personalized gifts like monogrammed tumblers. 

I’m not one of those women: I am the girl rushing to Target before a kid’s birthday party because I rarely have the foresight to order a gift in advance.

When my dad revealed his birthday gift method, my first reaction was kind of horrified at it’s blatant disregard for attempting to be timely. My follow up reaction was to laugh at it’s brilliance.

“I just ordered everyone a Levenger pen,” my dad explained, “and mailed them all out last month with a happy birthday note that said whether your birthday was earlier this year, or later in the year, here is your birthday gift.”


And…. brilliant, right? You can just create your list of good friends and family, choose a gift, and send during some random non-gift-giving month like August and not stress about it the rest of the year. Or, you could make it less random and tie to a fun holiday like Valentine’s Day or July 4th.

BUT. Is this tacky? Is this just admitting, “I’m thoughtless?” And, honestly, could a woman get away with it? As I get older, and better understand my strengths and weaknesses, I’ve found owning my weaknesses rather than trying to change my natural inclinations takes the pressure off being perfect. And who is perfect? No one. So I’m not sure why we do it to ourselves.

I kind of like this easy way out. It gets the job done, is still thoughtful, adds a big element of surprise, and if you’re not the best at remembering events … this is a great way to never forget a birthday!

What do you think? Would you do this? 

I am certain all my close friends on my gift list would expect something like this from me.

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