Day Date at Rivertown Bistro in Conway SC

Interior of the Rivertown Bistro in Conway

A restaurant filled with natural light, exposed brick walls, a clever menu and plates prepared with an artistic eye is a combination that a photographer / blogger cannot resist, no matter how much it mortifieds her husband. Last week, we went out to lunch to celebrate Mother’s Day, because I would be absent for the occasion. I had plans to visit West Virginia, and he had to stay in Myrtle Beach for work. The Rivertown Bistro in Conway is one of the best restaurants in the Grand Strand area, in my opinion, and it was the spot we chose for our lunch date. 

The mix of southern inspired cuisine with a modern, and sometimes Asian spin, is my kind of food. It’s fresh, it’s different, and it’s served in a chic industrial setting with plenty of good light. Plus I’m a total sucker for exposed brick – not only did it serve as a great backdrop for the beer we shared, I just love that look in a space. A few years ago, I visited the Cork Factory in Pittsburgh, a factory converted to apartments, and the tall ceilings and exposed brick made me want to move in, buy ultra modern furniture, gigantic abstract art and throw a wine tasting party.
mortified husband refusing to pose for the camera
moderately mortified husband refusing to pose for the camera
My husband is used to my “don’t eat that just yet, give me a minute” and patiently waits for me to snap a few photos before diving into his lunch. I think I trained him well last year in California, and is probably one of the reasons he got me the fuji x100s because that camera isn’t nearly as obtrusive as a big DSLR with a long lens. The fuji x100s is a little more discreet, therefore minimizing the attention I attract when snapping photos of his lunch.
pimento cheese appetizer
pimento cheese appetizer
Let’s start with the Pimento Cheese, because that’s how we started our lunch. The pimento cheese is served with peas, mushrooms, warm pita bread drizzled with balsamic.

beer with lunch. why not? it's a day date.
beer with lunch. why not? it’s a day date.
The tangy cheesy combination is undeniably delicious but be careful – don’t fill up on the appetizer because the main dishes are equally as divine.

We paired our lunch with the Maisel’s Weiss, a light and refreshing citrusy Hefeweissen that really complimented our dishes.

For the main course, my husband ordered the burger which came stacked tall with a layer of pimento cheese. I sampled and can confirm this is a gourmet burger than any hamburger connoisseur would enjoy.

I ordered the sesame encrusted tuna with a cauliflower puree mixed with edamame and mushrooms on top of a crispy spring roll. I’ll let the picture describe how fantastic this dish is. I would have a very hard time selecting something else on the menu the next time we visit because everything about this dish was amazing.
We did not order desert but I can only imagine their selection of sweets would be as enticing as their main menu.
Check out Rivertown Bistro in Conway SC and experience this incredible spot for yourself!

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