Carolina Cheese & Provisions

Wine Country Vibes in Downtown Conway

Cheese. Wine. Crunchy baguettes. Downtown Conway. Conway is bustling with cool stores and restaurants, all wrapped in a vintage-y, walkable downtown area. Stroll down the Third Ave sidewalk to find Carolina Cheese & Provisions. It is simply the BEST spot for a wine lunch in the Grand Strand.

The bread is baked to perfection. You can’t even compare the cheese selection to another place in a 50 (100? How far is Charleston?) mile radius. The sandwich concoctions are unbelievable. You’ll feel like you’re looking at menu from an eatery in California. This place has serious Wine Country vibes.

Obviously, order a rosé while you try to figure out what to order. Why would you have cheese for lunch and not order wine?

You’re in a cheese shop. Order the cheese. Don’t overthink it, pick one from the menu and split it with your lunch date. This is non-negotiable. Y’all know I love a great cheese plate, and can confirm this is one of the best you’ll find.

I ordered the fig, brie, prosciutto magic on a baguette.

Next, please know that the little side salad that is placed next to your sandwich has a mind-blowing dijon dressing that may alter your feelings towards salad dressings from that moment until the end of time. I haven’t stopped thinking about that salad. Can I make it? What is in it? Good olive oil, for starters. More dijon mustard than I usually squeeze into a vinaigrette. I’ve googled recipes, looking for the answer on the internet. The only real solution is to enjoy it at the restaurant.

We’ll be back – for the side salad, for the cheese, for the wine list, for the hospitality, to try a new sandwich.

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