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Luxury clean beauty products at drugstore prices

Beauty pie reviews • you will LOVE this brand so much for quality + affordability!

Beauty pie reviews

It starts innocently enough. A few serums, an overnight moisturizer to regenerate your skin cells (or something like that), a time-machine eye cream.

You’ve embarked on the quest to minimize fine lines and future wrinkles with clean beauty products! Yes, queen! Let’s do this!

Oh, wait. You don’t have the budget of a queen?

Luckily, Beauty Pie has all of the cool clean makeup and skincare products – think Vitamin C serums and undereye color correctors – at a smidgen of the price you’re used to paying.

Beauty Pie brags “it’s like Costco for luxury beauty products” … and lives up to this bold claim. The products are high quality, in pretty packaging (for all you design snobs!) and deliver results.

Join Beauty Pie for access to special pricing (think $9 instead of #90!), and bask in the glory of friends remarking on how you look like you’ve turned back time.

Beauty Pie Reviews

The products do not disappoint. Beauty product junkies will be impressed with the packaging – stylish design, pretty containers. While not exactly related to how the makeup/skincare actually performs, pretty packaging makes the experience more fun 🥂

a Few Beauty Pie products to try:

  • The One Palette Wonder in warm shades is flattering, plus a great way to try out the makeup and colors to figure out what to order next – also available in cool naturals!
  • Collagen Lip Oil might be the best lipgloss you’ve ever swiped.
  • Vitamin C capsules keep your skin tone even!
  • Undereye Genius: a color corrector is much better than concealer!
  • This liquid eyeliner: So amazing. Eyeliner pencils can be a little tough to use – this liquid eyeliner pen gives you a flawless, even line, even over eyeshadow. Go for the drama!
Beauty Pie

How does Beauty Pie work?

To receive the extreme discounts, you need to be a member. You can join for $10, and then you get a spending limit on the “actual” prices of the items. For example, if you purchase the $90 Vitamin C capsules for $8, you’ll eat up $90 worth of your spending limit. Basically, you just have to buy more credits to even out the cheap pricing, which is a weird but fun and interesting way to buy beauty products. Even with the membership fee, you’ll pay far less than you would with other clean beauty brands!

Beauty Pie Reviews

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Luxury clean beauty products at drugstore prices

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