Friday Cheers: Books + Vacation + GoPro

TGIF, friends!

It’s the last day of spring break… and I have a few things on my list to say “cheers” to this fine Friday! Hope y’all had a great week!

Cheers to reading books

Caved and bought a kindle this week, delivered to a Whole Foods locker in Hilton Head of all privileged things. I really like the idea of reading actual books, but not the convenience of it. The kindle app on my app is great until it gets interrupted by news alerts usually pertaining to Donald Trump’s tweets. This week, I read Dear Madam President (inspiring!) and am finally reading Tiffany Dufu’s Drop the Ball on my brand-new kindle, and I am loooooooooving it.

Cheers to vacations

I truly checked out this week. Those blog posts you read? I wrote them last week. I scanned email but only responded to a few, and really was only interrupted once this week… I have taken so many vacations and have spent the first two hours of each vacation day in the email rabbit hole, only to come to the end of the vacation feeling like I just worked remotely. This one, not the case. And I’ve gotten countless compliments on my blue gingham shoes. It’s been a glorious week.

Cheers to the GoPro

It’s tiny and cool, y’all. This little action camera has captured some of my favorite moments – it’s a point-and-shoot dream. (Example: photo at the top!)

Cheers to husbands who do stuff

Dufu’s book on her life make me question my own lethargy when it comes to mine: I’ve never once put all domestic expectations on myself. I make money. My husband makes money. We share all of the duties. More on this later, as it seems as this is not the norm. (Is it?)

Cheers to new Weight Watchers

Thank you, Weight Watchers, for making it SO FLIPPING EASY to make healthier choices. OMG. I started a few weeks ago, eat everything I love, drink wine, exercise a little, and have consistently dropped pounds. The difference? Healthier choices, which have not been annoying to make. I eat a lot of fish, chicken, and vegetables, and splurge on fine wine. Everything that’s filling is zero points. That’s my kind of diet! (Though I don’t feel like I’m on one. Which is why I’ll stick to it.)

Hope you enjoyed my new series, Friday Cheers, where I share five things I love on Fridays.

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