Friday Cheers: House Music + Girlfriends who accept your wierdness

Have y’all had a great week? This week whizzed by for me – busy weeks always do, which I like. This weekend, we’re thinking about checking out the Myrtle Beach Jeep Jam because they have food trucks!

Saying cheers this week with a glass of Rodney Strong Cab and the upbeat latin Raggeton apple music playlist. Here we go… five things worth saying “cheers!!” to this week…

Cheers to girlfriends who accept your weirdness

Today, I got to see my friend who just had a baby boy. He slept soundly in her sling the entire visit while I thoughtlessly kissed his forehead every few minutes, because that’s what I do to my own babies foreheads if they are within two feet of my face. Then I realized this was probably an awkward thing to do, but she was unfazed and conversation carried on like normal, like she didn’t have a baby tucked across her chest like a cross-body bag and a weird person leaning over every few minutes smooching his head. I love being so comfortable around a friend, you are uninhibited to be your weird self. (Apparently it takes 200 hours to reach this point?)

Cheers to pretty pink lipstick

Beautycounter has the best lipstick and lipgloss, y’all. I want to try this pretty shade of pink for spring to match my  rosè.

Cheers to inspiring design blogs

Love the tobacco leaf lamps featured on Dimples and Tangles. Design goals.

Cheers to delegating errands to Amazon

My son’s school needed Clorox Wipes and Hand Sanitizer and I started stressing about forgetting to pick it up. Instead, I ordered it on Amazon Prime as soon as I got the text. Done.

Cheers to house music

We love to have music playing in the background on our sonos speakers all of the time – sometimes, we’ll play classic. We were on an Ed Sheehan kick for a while. We play latin jazz, Avett Brothers, Billy Joel, and inspirational playlists. It’s fun to have different music playing in the background, and our kids love it, too.

Have a fun weekend! Friday Cheers is a new series, and I’m sharing five fun things each week that make me happy. Hope you enjoy!

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