Do or don’t: Double Denim

Doubling down on double denim
double denim?

Would you? Could you? Should you wear double denim? Our son’s recent request for a jean jacket prompted a contentious debate. Can you pull off denim on denim? The nicknames, the West Virginia business suit and the Canadian tuxedo, indicate the look is decidedly uncool.

The internet has plenty of thoughts and tips on the topic.

The denim on denim rules, according to Dmarge Modern Men’s Guide, are pretty clear: mix and match your denim types to make this sartorial statement. Match and match your denims for a satirical statement. You have to have the right mix of denim – like super dark jeans paired with a faded denim top. Or white denim jeans with an indigo denim shirt. But the same shade of denim on the top and bottom is a big no-no.

Glamour contends that double denim is the trend that will never disappear. If celebrities wear it, should you?

Here’s the most famous example of a jean on jean disaster. I think we can all agree that’s a good example of what not to wear.

Let’s discuss double denim.

Here’s the thing. The examples of denim on denim are on cool, gorgeous models who could pull off a tailored trash bag. Can the average non-model type wear denim on top of denim without looking like a farmer? Discuss in the comments below.

If you’re not a fashion risk-taker, you can always go for the classic easy casual winter outfit, the stripes-and-denim uniform! Plus, J. Crew is having a great sale right now! Check out some pretty denim tops:

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