Bombas Gripper Slippers

Bombas Gripper Slippers are like a warm hug for your feet
Bombas gripper slippers
The best gift

If I were to construct the perfect world, my first task would be to fix fashion. Imagine walking out of the house, in public, looking your very best in your favorite quarantine uniform: stretchy pants and a slouchy top. On your feet, Bombas Gripper Slippers. We’d all be our most productive selves swathed in such comfort.

Quarantine certainly gave loungewear a moment, but now that we’ve all emerged from our homes into the workplace and grocery stores, the usual uncomfortable fashionable attire has taken over our stretchy pants.

But in the evening, it’s back to comfort.

For Christmas, my husband gifted every single one of us these slippers, which hug your feet in a comforting type of way. I change out of my workclothes within the first five minutes of walking in the door. I should change into workout clothes but most of the time go straight to my lounge clothes (currently a Talbots fleece turtleneck + stretch pants + slippers.) Instead, I usually opt for loungewear to start cooking dinner.

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The Bombas gripper slippers are better than socks, infinitely better than shoes. The super soft lining keep your feet warm but not hot. The grippers on the bottom prevent slipping on the floor. You can wash and dry them. They are available in many colors and sizes – including sizes for kids! For extra snuggle, you can get Sherpa-lined slippers.

I don’t anticipate the fashion landscape changing from shoes with heels to slippers with grip anytime soon, but at least you can be comfortable at home. These make an EXCELLENT gift!

Shop Bombas: Kids Gripper Slippers • Mens Gripper Slippers • Women’s Gripper Slippers

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