Seafood, Salty Air + a Curious Wine List at the Big Tuna in Georgetown

Order clams in butter garlic sauce (really, just an excuse to get grilled bread to dip in it) + bottle of Veuve Cliquot

Let’s get the obvious out of the way: ordering clams in butter garlic sauce is really just an excuse to get grilled bread to dip in it. And this crunchy buttery concoction from Big Tuna in Georgetown SC was on point.

Especially paired with the rosè, which was only $6.

Strolling Georgetown, SC

Over the weekend, my husband, toddler, and I took a day trip to historic Georgetown, SC. If you could bottle up chilax and dress it up in a mint green buffalo-checked fishing shirt, you’d find it strolling around Front Street. Our little crew spent the afternoon meandering along the boardwalk looking at boats napping on the water, shopping boutiques, and enjoying seafood overlooking the water.

Best find: I bought the cutest mint green buffalo-checked fishing shirt dress for our 2 year old from a SC company called Prodoh at children’s store Doodlebugs.

Big Tuna in Georgetown SC

We walked into the Big Tuna to attempt to sit down for a bite to eat and glass of wine. Which we did: just not together for most of the meal. A parrot lives next to the bathroom. Our curious daughter was more interested in visiting the red bird than sitting patiently in her chair.

Typically, when a wine list simply says “Chardonnay” – it’s a place you should probably opt for beer or liquor.

Don’t let the wine list scare you off.

Big Tuna in Georgetown SC: Wine List

The Big Tuna has an intriguing concept which I happen to love. Rather than commit to one wine, they simply list the varietals: Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Reisling, Rose, Cab, Merlot and Pinot Noir along with the price points ranging from $6-7. No names, cheap price points. Sounds like you’re about to be served from a jug o’ wine. BUT. You’re not. They choose excellent wines and rotate them out, which is a smart way to keep a wine list fresh. Our server not only brought out the bottle for us to read, he gave us a sample before we committed. Our rosè was French and incredibly light and crisp, matching perfectly with the salty air, seafood and my skepticism.

The only wine that is consistent and named on the menu is Veuve Cliquot which is at the staggeringly low price  of $65 (usually $100+ on other wine lists.) A brilliant choice since it’s an incredible champagne. This is the perfect pairing for anything from fried seafood to tuna tartar.

Everything we tried was fantastic. My favorite happened to be the tuna tartar. We will be back to this spot, preferably for another day date and possibly without our parrot enthusiast, and order a bottle of the Veuve Cliquot.

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