Get your funny ugly Christmas sweaters (there is a gem for everyone!)

 funny ugly Christmas sweater

11 Funny Ugly Christmas sweaters

It’s Ugly Christmas Sweater Season! Get you one! We’ve rounded up funny ugly Christmas sweaters for you to find your signature look for the holiday season. And don’t just wait for a party to don your tacky duds: if you’re going to invest in an item of clothing this spectacular, wear it to the office. To Costco. To a business lunch. Be known for your Christmas spirit. Own it!

For the Taco Bell Super Fan

Yo quiero Taco Bell? This saucy crewneck is for you.

For the Pokemon parent

We know, we know. You spend a fortune on Pokemon cards and other random treasures, and now you can wear it on your test. At least your kids will think you’re cool. View all ugly Christmas sweaters from BoxLunch

For the parents who just want to be home alone for like an hour

“I made my family disappear.” -Kevin. Wouldn’t it be magical to have an empty house for an hour or a day!? View all ugly Christmas sweaters from BoxLunch

For the gamer

Probably best not to wear to work.

You Miss, You Drink sweater from Amazon. Get your ugly Christmas sweater in two days along with a tube of toothpaste and polite conversation starters cards for the Thanksgiving table (do your best to avoid the inevitable Impeachment hearing debate..). Thanks for delivering, Prime!

For the cat figurine collector

uh, yikes. Don’t get this one. Just had to share because it certainly is ugly. The model looks extra scary in it.

For the person who overposts Yoga poses on Insta

Namasleigh ✌️ You can thank Nordstrom Rack for this gem.

For the guy who plays No Diggity two beers into the party

Sleigh on, Sleigher. Each and every day, true sleigher way.

For the side hustler (or the person who drops “side hustle” into waaaay too many conversations)

Sleigh my name Sleigh my name… Look at Walmart bringing on the wit!

for the Michael Scott of your office

The fact that this sweater has a buffalo check pattern makes it decidedly not gangster.

For anyone who can repeat lines from Clueless

Rollin’ with the gnomies

For anyone with an ounce of coolness

yes, you are definitely too lit to quit. Do your thing.

Have a nice sleigh, y’all!

Rock your funny ugly Christmas sweaters and please share with us — tag us on instagram @goodtasteguide 🥂

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