Fancy Popcorn Recipes

Popcorn is popping up as a gourmet wine snack
best wine snack idea: popcorn recipes
popcorn made by the SIMI chef at our wine tasting

Looking for a fun party appetizer? Here’s an idea: fancy popcorn recipes!

Food goes through all sorts of trends both in retail and catering. In the past decade, we’ve all traversed a mashed potato bar served in martini glasses. We’ve also loved it’s carb cousin the Mac and Cheese bar. And everyone loves the Southern Shrimp and Grits station. Pimento cheese infiltrated menus outside of the South. Cake pops, pickled things, elaborate Charcuterie spreads, and Brussels sprouts have all had their foodie moments recently.

What’s next?


Fancy popcorn.

Popcorn is one of the best wine snacks – and now chefs are getting creative with it. This isn’t the florescent orange dusted popcorn you’re used to buying in a tin tub… these popcorn recipes will complement your favorite bottles of wine.

Cracked black pepper, citric acid, parmesan, olive oil. Spice up your popcorn in seconds for a wow-worthy wine snack for your friends. We had chef-prepared popcorn with citric acid and cracked black pepper at a wine tasting at SIMI in Sonoma, and it was INCREDIBLE. Fancy popcorn paired perfectly with all of the red wines.

Spiced popcorn is a wine thing. On episode 7 of Study Hall with Jill Zimorski on SOMM TV, Jill uses popcorn with spices to learn flavors so you can taste and pair. You can use this same concept at home – just add any spice to popcorn (white pepper, paprika, black pepper!)

Here are some excellent popcorn recipes from the internet for your next wine night:

Popcorn Recipes

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