A look around at Lucy Buffet’s Lulu’s in North Myrtle Beach

One of our favorite places to meet friends for dinner is Lulu’s in North Myrtle Beach – the kids LOVE the huge beach play area, and the adults love the food + drinks. (Specifically, the margaritas!) With the kids occupied by buckets, sand, volleyball, and shovels, the adults can have a conversation! Glorious.

Lucy Buffet is Jimmy Buffet’s sister. She owns several restaurants and wrote cookbook, Gumbo Love. The restaurant is so much more than a place to eat – it includes a giant playground! The bright colors, fun activities, and excellent southern food make this a great spot for families and friends to get together for an enjoyable evening.

LuLu's in North Myrtle Beach

Lulu’s just built a giant climbing wall that ends with a bungee jump thing at the end. We didn’t try it but enjoyed watching other people climb it, and a few chicken out and not make the jump at the end. (I would definitely be one of them if I attempted it!)

Here’s a look around with our GoPro posted on my son’s YouTube channel. He loves that he’s a “you tuber” and we have fun creating the videos!


Barefoot Landing is a beautiful shopping, dining, entertainment center with playgrounds, small shops, and restaurants. The center was recently renovated, and the Lowcountry style is pretty and clean making. Barefoot is an excellent spot for a family night out in Myrtle Beach. LuLu’s is located on the waterway at the back of Barefoot Landing. The interior of the restaurant is large and spacious, with an enormous gift shop greeting guests (and kids). The large bar serves up fantastic margaritas while you’re waiting for a table. The live music added to the energy of the restaurant. We chose to eat outside on the covered porch so we could watch our kids on the beach.

LuLu's in North Myrtle Beach


The adults enjoyed splitting the onion rings as an appetizer (crunch + worth it). I had the grilled red snapper, which was simply seasoned and grilled just the way I like it – seared on the outside, flaky on the inside. Of course, margaritas. Everything we ordered was fantastic – shrimp tacos, chicken fingers for kids, fried shrimp. The kids loved their food but loved playing on the beach more.

Tip: Add your name online before you go

If you’re visiting Myrtle Beach or are from Myrtle Beach, LuLu’s is a fun spot to take kids. Skip the wait by adding your name online.

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