On the Water with a Toddler: Kayak Hilton Head

An adventure with a GoPro, Toddler and a Kayak in Hilton Head



Pretty scenery.



Try something new.

Justify my impulse buy of the GoPro.

All reasons to try kayaking in Hilton Head.

The last reason probably had more to do with my questionable decision to bring a two year old on a kayak – I had a new GoPro and it seemed like a GoPro-ish thing to do. Other factors: my dad loves to do anything that involves exercise and my 7 year old son heard “kayaking” and immediately thought it sounded cool.

Kayaking in Hilton Head from Hatton Gravely on Vimeo.

After five phone calls with the very patient Dave (the owner) of Kayak Hilton Head, I confirmed it was possible to bring a two year old on a kayak –  but he was candid to point out that not all toddlers like it. “Some sit on laps and are content, others cry and want to get off,” he shared.

Hoping for the seated and content version, I booked the trip.

They are busy so reservations are necessary.

Toddler kayaking hilton head

Kayak Hilton Head had life vests for all of us – including our toddler – and helped us on the kayaks. My dad and son (7) were on one, and my daughter and I on the other. Both were double kayaks because they are more stable. The calm water and pretty scenery made it a fun trip. We had high hopes of a dolphin encounter, but never made it that far. We were out about an hour and watched big boats motor by, other kayakers, pretty waterfront houses, and birds.

Full dislosure – the final 10 minutes were spent rapidly rowing our boat to shore while my toddler discussed her wishes to get back on land in a not-so-calm or rational manner.

Would we we kayak again?

Yes! My son loved his first kayaking experience. Since the excursion, all my toddler talks about is kayaking and seeing big boats, so when we go again, we will aim to be close to the dock after about 30 or 45 minutes.

Talk to me.

Have you kayaked in Hilton Head? Where is the prettiest spot? We’d love to go again.

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