The Power of Elderberries

If you’ve ever tried Elderberry syrup, you may have had an ew reaction. However, if you’ve ever tried The POWER of Elderberries brand, you’ll be surprised that it’s actually tasty. That’s no accident. Today, we have the founder of this cool company, Jessica, sharing her story about how she started the company and the launch of their latest product – elderberry gummies!

She has such a great story – and perfect to kick off our series where we pop the fizz for local biz! Cheers, Jessica, for being a role model to other business owners & moms, and for bringing a product to the market to make our families healthy!

Jessica Lowery

Jessica Lowery

Founder and CEO of The POWER of Elderberries

The POWER of Elderberries online

The Story

Hi all! My name is Jessica Lowery, and I am the Founder and CEO of The POWER of Elderberries. It all started January of 2018, in the peak of flu season, when I shared a picture of myself making elderberry syrup in my home kitchen. Perhaps we should take it back a bit further to February 2013 when I found myself suffering from flu symptoms while pregnant with my first son, Beckham. Desperate to find a natural alternative for fever, chills, body aches and congestion, I thankfully discovered elderberry syrup. After getting my hands on some and taking it every few hours, I was back at work the very next day!

Jessica Lowery
Jessica Lowery, Founder of the POWER of Elderberries

As a mom and health educator who is passionate about natural alternatives, I was desperate to find an elderberry syrup that my family (kids in particular) would take willingly. Wanting control over quality assurance, consumer safety, potency, and taste led me to creating my own. In the midst of another flu epidemic I knew I had to share my story of using elderberry syrup to recover from flu symptoms within 24hrs with my friends on Facebook. Little did I know that social media post would launch a business I didn’t see coming…

Looking into the eyes of desperate mothers with sick children and witnessing the relief that my product was bringing to countless families, I saw no turning back.

Three small children and a full-time job made production a challenge, but my husband Jake never left my side in the kitchen. While wiping away tears and listening to testimonials, I knew I couldn’t stop!

As I put myself in the shoes of my customers, quality assurance and consumer safety was my priority. One phone call led to another, and before I knew it, everything was coming together right before my eyes. God had a plan, and I was faithful in trusting each next step that he guided me towards. Things became most REAL when my husband resigned from his financial planning career and jumped wholeheartedly into the business to support my efforts, and we hired a Chef/Director of Operations to take over production.

New release: Elderberry Gummies!

We have been so fortunate since then to add many others to our team who stand behind us in pursuing our mission to help more people stay well along with an additional product… ELDERBERRY GUMMIES! I see each of our customers as family and care deeply for their health and well-being. I oversee every facet of this business to build a brand with a foundation of love, trust, integrity, honesty, and passion.

About the Power of Elderberries

The POWER of Elderberries’ handcrafted, immune-boosting elderberry syrup is made with only the purest ingredients from nature and nothing more:
• Local RAW honey
• Organic European Black Elderberries
• Organic Ginger Root
• Organic Cinnamon Sticks
• Organic Whole Cloves

Unlike other elderberry syrups on the market, The POE is produced with NO high fructose corn syrup, NO artificial sweeteners, NO artificial colors, NO artificial flavors, NO concentrates, NO refined sugar, and NO gelatin.

The POE’s Elderberry Gummies are gelatin-free; we use a plant-based ingredient instead of animal-based gelatin, keeping our gummies vegetarian. Same great taste as our Immune-Boosting Elderberry Syrup and STILL NO refined sugar, NO high fructose corn syrup, NO artificial sweeteners, flavors, or dyes, and NO artificial fillers or thickeners.

Unlike some gummies that are chewy, coated with sugar and get stuck in your teeth, you will find the texture of our gummies is MUCH different compared to the chewy, “gummy” texture of conventional vitamin gummies. The POWER of Elderberries’ Elderberry Gummies are NOT coated with sugar nor will you find them to be “gummy,” since we use a plant-based gelatin that is vegetarian friendly. This also means they DO NOT get stuck in your teeth! 

What does elderberry do for you?

Elderberry is an incredibly powerful herb with clinical studies that shows effectiveness in boosting the immune system and fighting off viruses and infections, and countless testimonies about how it has helped many stay healthy during cold and flu season. The goal in using elderberry products (ours or otherwise) is for everyone to be boosting their immune systems to prevent from becoming ill during these times of increased virus exposure. Elderberry has been a go-to for centuries as a way to help the body stay healthy and a way to prevent many illnesses. There is no data yet showing that elderberry specifically prevents the COVID-19 virus, but how we see it is, why not do everything in our power to keep our immune systems up INCLUDING our known immune-boosting syrup?

Shop the Power of Elderberries

The Power of Elderberries is here to help you boost your immune system. Take advantage of our FREE SHIPPING today to get our elderberry products delivered to your front door. Stay home and stay well friends! 💕

Thanks, Jessica!

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