Sparkling wine glass debate: champagne flute or white wine glass?

Sparkling wine glass

The wine world has a new sparkling wine glass trend: sparkling wine is being served in white wine glasses rather than champagne flutes.

Wine writer Anne Krebiehl on Decanter explains, “Nothing spells celebration like flutes of fizz; yet I haven’t touched mine in years. I haven’t foresworn festivities or effervescent drinks – but like so many in the business I have been drinking my Champagne and sparkling wines from white wine glasses. This way I can gorge on the lovely aroma and taste, and fully appreciate what makes those bubbles such a joy to drink.”

Her article piqued my interest: is sparkling better enjoyed in a white wine glass?

And she’s not the only one with this opinion. She backs up her case with several other wine industry anti-flute advocates.

Wine Folly, the authority on all things wine, looks into champagne flutes or glasses, and also concludes that a white wine glass is the best option.

My husband, who knows his wine, agrees. He drinks sparkling from a small white wine glass. So, I put two glasses to the test. Due diligence, friends. Just for you.

Sparkling wine glass options

Side by side, I sipped and analyzed.

The white wine glass is larger, so you don’t need to pour as often, which is one advantage. The champagne flute shows off the bubbles.

What’s the best sparkling wine glass?

Here’s my conclusion: wine glasses do make a difference. And, like everything related to wine, the wine glass selection is a personal preference.

For me, I prefer the balance, height, and aesthetic of the champagne flute. It’s special, and reserved for one type of wine. Flute, I like you. We’ll remain friends.

However, if you want to be en wine vogue, order your next sparkling in a white wine glass.

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  1. 2.23.16

    I love the look of flutes, although I don’t own any. I’ve recently fallen in love with Prosecco (I like the taste and price more than Champagne) and I love drinking it out of my smaller white wine glasses. If I had room in my cabinets, though, I’d love to have a set of the flutes!