Fresh Carolina Cuisine at Aspen Grille

Opt for an upscale happy hour at Aspen instead of dinner reservations for your next date night

Happy hour for dinner is always a fun date. While I love Aspen Grille in Myrtle Beach for a fine dining experience, we tend to drop in and order from the bar when we’ve gotten lucky with a last-minute babysitter and don’t have reservations. Aspen has one of the best upscale bar scenes in town with superb service, an excellent menu with local + fresh options, and a spacious, cozy bar area.

Here’s what to order at Aspen Grille for happy hour:

Chandon Brut Rosé + Oysters 🦪 Oh, this is a treat. Sparkling wine goes with everything from a savory steak to Halloween candy, but it’s extra special with oysters. Particularly the baked oysters on Aspen’s happy hour menu. The salty mix of oysters and melted cheese with bubbles will set the mood for a cozy date night.

Girard Sauvignon Blanc + Calamari 🥂 Girard Sauvignon Blanc is a smooth, light, bright white wine that is the perfect pairing for Aspen’s happy hour fare: crispy, salty calamari. Pair acidic wines with salty, fried foods to cut the fat for happy hour magic.

Dinner at Aspen Grille

Of course, you can’t go wrong by making dinner reservations at Aspen Grille. The restaurant offers a cozy lighting and a comfortable atmosphere for an intimate date night or a dinner out with the friends. The menu offers a thoughtful selection of locally-inspired Lowcountry dishes you really can’t find in other restaurants. Plus, the fresh seafood specials are always incredible.

If you’re looking for a unique, locally-owned, upscale coastal Southern spot for happy hour or dinner, add Aspen Grille in Myrtle Beach to your list.

Aspen Grille Myrtle Beach

Aspen Grille Myrtle Beach

“Fresh Carolina Cuisine”

Located in the middle of Myrtle Beach

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