Travel Journal: Greenbrier WV Weekend Getaway

Travel Journal: Greenbrier WV Weekend Getaway

The Greenbrier in WV is a masterpiece of iconic Dorothy Draper design. ‘America’s Resort’ is located in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. Every time I visit, even though I’m so familiar, I’m still awestruck at the patterns colors, antiques, and design of each room I enter. She decorated the majestic hotel in 1948 and it will never go out of style and 100% inspires my style and taste (my house is painted Jamaican Aqua, one of Dorothy Draper’s paint color selections). Here’s a quick tour with my GoPro:

a reason to celebrate

My husband, best friend from home, her husband, and I visited for a weekend getaway to the Greenbrier to celebrate our 40th birthdays. As West Virginia girls, this a special spot we both adore. We unloaded our bags and headed to the check-in desk, breezing past the bronze lions greeting the entrance which pose for approximately 1 zillion photos annually. A glass of champagne? Yes, please!

first night at the Greenbrier in WV

Greenbrier WV

Our first stop was dinner at the Forum, the Greenbrier’s casual Italian restaurant. We enjoyed wine with pizza – and I decided pineapple and jalapenos is my new favorite combination. I like spice on my pizza, how about you?? We skipped the casino since we were dressed casually and enjoyed wine in the sports lounge.

A reason to stay: the main dining room breakfast

The next morning, my husband and I enjoyed the breakfast buffet in the main dining room, which is about the most gorgeous setting imaginable for a feast of sweets, omelets to order, salmon bar, fresh fruit, piles of bacon, savory quiches, gruyere drenched home fries, coffee, and fresh-squeezed juices. Delightful.

Greenbrier WV - Draper’s
Draper’s Cafe

What to do during the daytime

There is plenty to do at the Greenbrier during the day if you want to be active like skeet shooting or horseback riding. If sloth is more your speed, the spa is fabulous and the most gorgeous shade of minty green. This trip, I just lounged. My husband explored. Lunched at Draper’s Cafe (the black bean soup and the chicken pot pie are to die for.) We all met up for drinks in the lobby bar.

happy hour at the Greenbrier

My friend and I both had tarot card readings. Woah. I’m still processing this, and another entire blog post devoted to this later. (but, since I brought it up, have you ever had a tarot card reading? I was totally blown away by her accuracy, and both of us were super skeptical about it. Please comment below if you’ve ever had one and share your experience!!)

Greenbrier WV dinner + casino is incredible!

Greenbrier WV

After the unnerving tarot card experience, we enjoyed drinks in the trellis room and meandered to the main dining room. The main dining room’s drama is the most spectacular place to eat. The crystal chandeliers are so sparkly and gigantic – and not just one hangs in the middle of the room … stunning chandeliers are everywhere! So much history, glamour, beauty in that room. The Trefethen Harmony Chardonnay was exceptional paired with sea bass for a light dinner.

Our group ended the evening in the casino, added to the Greenbrier recently but looks like it has been a part the hotel forever. I won $180 from the slot machines! Which offset the $300 we spent on the other games, haha.

Breakfast in the main dining room + pack our bags + and a sad au revoire to a spectacular, historical hotel which I love so much. If you are looking for a true escape and step back to a glamorous time, the Greenbrier should be on your list.

Greenbrier WV Photo Album

I had my nice camera (and obviously my GoPro) but used mostly my iPhone on this trip sharing instastories and out of laziness. Post travel regrets I didn’t take better photos. I guess I should return?? Enjoy…

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