Fancy Mexican at Sol y Luna Latin Cantina

Head to Sol y Luna Latin Cantina for Taco Tuesday

If you’re in the mood for fancy Mexican food in Myrtle Beach, head to Sol y Luna Latin Cantina in the Carolina Forest area. Taco Tuesday is a deal: all you can eat tacos and your choice of a margarita or a beer for $15.

soy y luna in Myrtle Beach

Sol y Luna is intimate but open, with booths and tables and a large bar on the inside plus plenty of outdoor seating.

soy y luna in Myrtle Beach
your choice of a margarita or beer with all-you-can-eat-tacos

Sol y Luna Tacos

Taco choices include the usual – shredded chicken, carnitas and chicken – as well as fun choices like buffalo cauliflower and pork with pineapple. I personally loved the buffalo cauliflower and steak taco the most. Also I got the corn tortillas because they are healthier but also tastier (my opinion, not the popular opinion.)

You order 3 at first (you can mix them up!) and after that, you can order two at a time. You are probably wondering the same thing we asked our server: How many people eat more than 3? He laughed and said about 50% order again but stop after five. What’s the most anyone has ever ordered? He said NINE. We all agreed you’d have to skip the rice, nachos, and beans if you’re going to dive into nine tacos. (They are delicious but nine seems a bit extreme.)

Kids Menu

My kids ordered off the kids menu – chicken nachos for my 9 year old and plain chicken and rice for my 4 year old. I sampled both for the purpose of giving an accurate write-up for this blog post and can attest both meals are fantastic. Also, they ate a lot which is basically the equivalent of a five star yelp review.

BTW: Sol y Luna has a 4 star rating with 1,927 yelp reviews as of this post.

Queso Review

Tip: Don’t skip the queso. It looks like regular queso but is better than regular queso. You know how queso (or cheese dip, depending on the Mexican establishment’s terminology preference) can be runny and doesn’t really stick to the nacho so you really have to be swift with your dipping action or all of the melted cheese will fall off on the table (or menu) before you are able to eat it? Not Sol y Luna queso. It sticks to the chip and it is delicious.

soy y luna in Myrtle Beach


Sol y Luna
4270 River Oaks Dr, Myrtle Beach SC, 29579
(843) 796-2275

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