Snoop Cali Red + Slouchy Sweater Weather

Sippin’ on Snoop this weekend

The weekend wine list is our weekly wine recommendations + our top things to do for the weekend (all in good taste, of course) to your inbox!  It’s your guide for the weekend – what to watch, read, try, taste, & shop 🥂

Wine to try

19 Crimes Snoop Cali Red

If you see Snoop Dog on a wine label, you have to buy it, right!? Yes, you do. The good news is 19 Crimes Snoop Cali Red is also a good wine for the price.

what to cook

Sweet potato breakfast hash

Add this sweet potato breakfast hash to your lazy weekend morning breakfast recipe rotation, it will not dissapoint.

What to watch

Mythic Quest

The entire season is fantastic, but the real reason to watch Mythic Quest is the final bonus quarantine episode. It captures 2020 in the most unexpected way. 

What to do in Myrtle Beach

Brookgreen Harvest Festival

Harvest Home Weekend

Make plans for Harvest Home weekend at Brookgreen – the activities have been revised for social-distancing, and


Himalayan Candle, Red Currant

The best-smelling candle, ever. ‘Red currant’ is not a scent I’d expect to love because I’m more of a ‘gardenia’ floral girl, but I promise you it’s floral and delightful. The company describes it as “Apples, oranges, herbaceous florals, forest pine & geranium.  A cheerful combination of fruits and happiness.Red currant Himalayan candle will bring the air you breathe an infusion of joy.

Slouchy sweater

This slouchy sweater is currently sitting in my Amazon shopping cart. It looks so cozy and slouchy and flattering. Also similar to three other sweaters in my closet, so I obviously have a thing for a wearable neutral. Can you have too many? One more can’t hurt for a wine night in with Snoop wine, Mythic quest + red currant candle burning 🥂

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