Cold brews with ocean views at Apache Pier

No crowds, cold beers, great french fries. Here’s where to meet friends during the summer!

As a local, it’s so easy to forget to visit the tourist favorites. The best view in town is obviously the ocean. Yet, Myrtle Beach has surprisingly few restaurants with water views. Most have an hours-long wait during the summer. Here’s a little secret spot: the Apache Pier has a small oceanfront restaurant that doesn’t get too crowded. Hooray! Call up your friends and meet here for afternoon beers and sunshine.

Croakers at the Pier

Croakers - Apache Pier
Blackened shrimp on a salad + New South IPA

Croakers is situated right on the beach with ocean views. The whole place is filled with sunshine light and has a happy, cool, and definitely not fancy vibe. Because it’s a small restaurant, Croakers isn’t a big tourist destination, so you can find a seat right away.

This is a place you’ll want to eat french fries and drink beer.

The menu is limited, with grilled/blackened/fried shrimp, catfish, and chicken. Onion rings are superb. French fries are the skinny kind, fried to perfection. (Pro tip learned from a friend: mix ranch and hot sauce together for the best french fry dipping sauce!) And, surprisingly, the restaurant serves an exceptional blackened shrimp on a salad, if you’re looking for a healthier dish.

To find the restroom, you’ll have to walk through the gift shop, passing by treasures such as fishing poles, glass ash trays, and mermaid toys.

Other things to do at Apache Pier

  • You can walk the pier ($2)
  • Go fishing – bring your own rod, or rent one from the gift shop. (You’ll also pay a fishing fee.)
  • Catch a photo-worthy fish? They have a photographer to capture your big moment
  • Play in the arcade

Apache Pier + Croaker Restaurant

Myrtle Beach

The Apache Pier is part of the Apache Family Campground.

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