French Fry Dipping Sauces

13 French fry dipping sauces, including a Thai chili sauce and a sriracha dip (YUM!)
French fry dipping sauce

Let’s chat about store-bought frozen French fries. BisQit in Pawley’s Island offers fancy options for French fries, which is so simple and obviously cool, I’ve wondered how this is not a big trend like shot-glass desserts. However, fancy fries is an easy side dish to create at home! Cheap, tasty, requires zero effort, kids love them. So let’s take those fries from boring and add a gourmet French fry dipping sauce. A good drizzle or dip is an easy way to take something store-bought and bland to fancy and delicious. Although, plain fries probably will never fit into the category of bland, but let’s just roll with this scenario. Dipping sauces most definitely will improve the fries!

Fun (kind of gross) fact about French fries

Apparently, Americans eat a lot of fries. In fact, according to MindBodyGreen, we consume 29 pounds A YEAR. That is a little excessive, but if you’re in the mood for a splurge, here are dipping sauces for your French fries. Or, you could dip raw veggies in these delicious sauces for a less delicious alternative.

What wine pairs well with French fries?

Sparkling + Fries 4ever

This will be my answer to most anything, but always with potato chips and French Fries: SPARKLING WINE. The fat and salt with the bubbles harmonizes perfectly like the Indigo Girls singing Closer to Fine. You just can’t find a prettier or more magical match.

Make your own: Potatoes for French Fries

If you want to skip frozen French fries and make yours from scratch, it’s actually super simple. Take a russet potato (baking potato) and slice as thin as you like it. Toss in olive oil. Add seasoning (salt and pepper for basic, go crazy with your favorite spices for something extra) and then bake at 450 for 20-25 minutes. They are crispy, and delicious. Then, add these French fry dipping sauces!

Recipe Roundup: French fry dipping sauces

When I dip you dip we dip French fries

French fry dipping sauce

A good sauce for French fries probably has the same criteria for any fried food, like chicken fingers: it just needs to have a good flavor and be easily dippable. Nothing watery. It needs some substance so it will stick. Mustard, spicy, tangy, lemony…. we’ve rounded up a solid list of dips that will take your homemade fries to the next level.

French Fry Dipping Sauces

Here’s a round-up of french fry dipping sauces to take your store-bought frozen French fries from boring to gourmet!

Ideas for toppings for French fries

In addition to adding a French fry dipping sauce, try these ideas, too…

  • You can treat your fries like Chachos. Add all of the nacho toppings.
  • Cheese, bake. Add bacon. And scallions.
  • Chili fries are always going to be a hit!!
  • Pork BBQ on top of French fries make it sort of like a casserole, right? Delish.

Cheers! Enjoy your French fry night 🥂

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