A Chardonnay for Summer Pasta

This smooth-as-caramel Chardonnay is just as excellent without food as it is pairing with a pasta or pizza
Simi Chardonnay
Simi Russian River Valley Chardonnay

Let’s imagine it’s a Thursday. You’ve successfully breezed through the first four days of your work week, and it’s time to make dinner. You open the cooking wine. The saying goes: cook with wine, and sometimes put into the food. The Simi Russian River Chardonnay is that wine you can open while you’re cooking.

The smooth-as-caramel Chardonnay is excellent without food.

You can also enjoy it with food.

It tastes like baked pear, citrus, and a shortbread cookie. It’s delightfully smooth, and pairs well with bold flavors like a mushroom pizza and milder dishes like a light pasta tossed in olive oil.

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You’ll love to keep this wine in the fridge for random nights when you’re cooking dinner – but it’s also a great bottle to open with friends. With food, without food, with friends, or without friends – you’ll love the Simi Russian River Chardonnay for it’s sophisticated, smooth, cookie-ish notes. 🥂

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