The surprising ingredient to make the crispiest grilled cheese

Master the grilled cheese

Add a gourmet spin on a comfort classic for a dinner kids and adults will love. Make grilled cheese for dinner! However, you don’t want to make a lackluster grilled cheese that’s not crispy. You may think the secret ingredient is butter, but it’s NOT.

Plated delivers excellent, repeatable recipes – and not necessarily meals you’d think to make. Gourmet grilled cheese with fig? I assumed this one would be a winner and was not disappointed.

One of the ingredients was puzzling to me.


My husband commented he’d just read this very same technique in a NY Times Food article. In the article “Grilled Cheese Sandwich,” the author points out, “Since mayonnaise is made mostly from oil and salt, it makes sense to use it as the cooking medium for a stovetop sandwich. If you cook it in butter, the bread will tend to burn before the cheese is melted.”

There is much debate in the comments section over the merits of butter v. mayo.

In my opinion, mayo wins. As does combining fontina and Brie with a fig compote.

Our gourmet grilled cheese was perfectly crunchy, the cheese was nice and oozy, and the fig compote added a trace of sweet, which complimented the cherry notes in the bold Layer Cake Primitivo (a Zin) we opened.

Grilled Cheese Ideas

Sam the Cooking Guy has a twist on the grilled cheese:

Would you try this? What’s your favorite cheese for grilled cheese? Here are some more ideas:

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