The Best Burgers (and more!) for Foodies at River City Cafè

You don’t have to order a burger, but they are the best at the beach

Every local knows to head to River City Cafè in Myrtle Beach when craving a burger.

Did you know you can swap grilled chicken for a burger? Turn any of the million burger options into a chicken sandwich (or even a veggie or turkey burger!)

Let me introduce you to the world’s messiest sandwich that’s worth the necessary trip to wash your hands (and face) when you’ve finished. The Hawaiian is a burger option but we got the chicken version. Teriyaki glazed chicken, bacon, jalapeños, cheese, tomato, onion, and mayonnaise all between two buns.

Do you want a burger? River City has burger options that range from basic to ridiculous. The ranch bacon burger is a go-to favorite. If you want to go viral on TikTok, order the OMG burger platter, which is a foot tall conglomeration of burgers, fried eggs, a grilled cheese, and toppings. (OMG is right!)

Cheese pops are a better (more addictive) version of mozzarella sticks. The light dusting of garlic seasoning and the melted cheese give these bite-sized appetizers a lot of flavor.

A casual vibe makes this a fun spot for burgers and beers with friends or to bring your family. Either way, prim and proper is not expected at this establishment. The crayons and paper on the table keep the kids and adults occupied until the food arrives. Service is quick and friendly.

Foodies love this casual spot for the unfussy vibe and excellent food.

River City Cafè in Myrtle Beach

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