Charleston Wine and Food Festival

Tasting around the Charleston Wine and Food Festival Culinary Village

check out our video of the 2022 Charleston Wine + Food Festival Culinary Village:

The Charleston Wine + Food Festival features events and tastings all over the city in March, and the largest is the Culinary Village. This event takes place over several days, and includes tastings from 11 am – 3 pm, then evening concerts. On Sunday, chefs take the stage to compete in the entertaining Waffle House Smackdown. You can purchase event-specific tickets, day passes, or a weekend pass for the whole weekend. Add the Charleston Wine + Food Festival to your travel plans – it’s a lot of fun!

Here are a few tips, in case you plan to go:

  • We had friends drop off and pick us up on the first day. The traffic seemed organized but lines were long. An Uber may be difficult to find at the end of the day, so leaving before the event ends may be your best option!
  • The Waffle House Smackdown is a blast – plus, you can stay in the Culinary Village and avoid the lines to get into the event.
  • Plan to eat before you get to the event – food trucks are just outside of the event, so you can eat right before you walk in. You’ll try fabulous bite-sized tastings, but they are just tastings.

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