A Simple Salad with Sweet Potatoes


This summer on our visit to Charleston, WV, we ate at a locally-owned, sophisticated pizza place called Lola's that has a unique salad selection. I ordered a salad with sweet potatoes in it, which is the inspiration for this fall salad. It's my new favorite, and a surprising ingredient for a salad that works so well!


I tossed the sweet potatoes in olive oil and a few sprinkles of Lawrey's Seasoned Salt, then roasted for about 20 minutes at 425 in the oven, after reading this recipe on Spoon and Sugar. One large sweet potato will make about 4-5 salads, depending on how many sweet potatoes you'd like! I added a lot for substance. I stored them in the fridge – and did not heat them before putting them in the salad, I liked them cool.

Also, how did people cook without google? I always find myself looking up tutorials before preparing a meal – and a lot of times in the grocery store! How about you? Do you use cookbooks or online recipes more?


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  1. 10.5.14
    Nicole said:

    Google is my best cooking friend. I hardly ever reach for a cookbook anymore! I never thought about putting sweet potatoes on a salad but it looks delicious. I added this post to StumbleUpon so others can enjoy it.