Do or Don’t: Double dipping with friends

Let’s talk about a possibly awkward topic: double dipping with friends.

Do or don’t double dipping with friends

“We are not going to order the parmesan breadsticks.”

My friend and I were in total agreement until the second we sat down and reconsidered our previous decision. With the confirmation to the server – “We’d like to order the parmesan breadsticks!!!” – we set our diet break into motion.

Once you try these breadsticks, you’d understand why they are nearly impossible to avoid. Rotelli’s parmesan breadsticks are foot-long sticks of salty, crunchy, chewy, tangy, cheesy deliciousness you can only enjoy in Conway, South Carolina. I’ve housed a lot of breadsticks in my lifetime, but no breadstick has ever compared to these.

The super chewy dough on the inside is covered by a crunchy, parmesan-drenched crust. Nestled next to the breadsticks sits a piping hot, tangy, almost spicy and a little creamy bowl of marinara. The polite thing to do is pour the marina on your plate rather than do a straight-dip into the shared bowl.

Deciding to double dip or not to double dip

“I’m double dipping,” my friend declared, and just like that, all annoying politeness was off the table. I suppose had I been opposed, it would have been awkward. But it wasn’t awkward for two reasons: 1) It was in my best interest to double dip. Dredging a breadstick through cooled-off marinara on a plate does not deliver the same taste punch as dipping it straight into the bowl of marinara. 2) We are good friends with kids the same age, so we are in the nose-wiping, bottom-wiping, hands out for spit-out food stage… double dipping is the least gross thing we’re dealing with while dining.

We double dipped.

And did not care.

But we were curious about what other people thought… and posted an Instastory poll.

Double Dipping is a contentious topic

Other people care. Clemson University conducted a study on double-dipping. Good Taste Guide Instastory poll revealed a 50/50 split between pro dippers and anti dippers. One guy consulted a microbiologist to back his pro-double-dipping stance.

Double dipping is the topic of a Seinfeld episode.

At a party, double dipping is certainly an activity to conceal or avoid. But I’d argue the sign of a good friend – given neither has visible signs of the flu – is someone that you can take a bite of your breadstick, and go back for a second dunk in the shared marinara bowl while gabbing about kids, work, houses, vacation plans. We all need friends like that, right? I’m thankful for mine.

So I guess the lesson here is this: bring a really good friend with you or ask for two bowls of marinara.

What do you think about double dipping? I had a few funny direct message reactions to the instastory post! Comment below, if you’d like to weigh in on the topic!

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