Pretty Tea Towels

27 of the prettiest tea towels, which make the simplest + stylish hostess gift
Pretty tea towels

My friend brought me the simplest gift a few years ago: a really gorgeous tea towel. And I thought, “wow, this is the perfect hostess gift.” The design, the simplicity, and the usefulness really check all of the gift boxes.

So today, I thought I’d round up pretty tea towels you can keep on hand for hostess gifts! I love the chinoiserie trio from Amazon – you could easily break that set up into three gifts.

Gift ideas for pretty tea towels:

  • wrap a wine bottle with a tea towel for a cool hostess gift!
  • add a wooden spoon + tie with a bow
  • Makes great filler for a gift basket
  • Bring it with an appetizer
  • Pair it with a cutting board + cheese knife
  • Lay it in a bowl with bread to bring to a dinner party

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