Snapshots with the Fuji x100f

Snapshots of the Capitol Market in Charleston, WV taken with the new Fuji X100f

Charleston, West Virginia has the coolest, thriving Farmer’s Market and is one of my favorite places to visit when I am in my hometown.

The Capitol Market with aisles of glorious flowers and plants along with gorgeous fresh vegetables in a covered outdoor area – plus a killer wine shop in the inside market – makes a strong case for living in this capital city.

Springtime brings the flowers, peppers, tomatoes, strawberries, and other produce to the market. It’s almost too pretty to cook…

Are you a photographer? I loooove taking photos, and a few years ago dreamt of a unicorn camera. The perfect camera, which I was convinced didn’t exist: a camera that takes pictures equal to my DSLR without the weight.

All of these photos were taken with the Fuji x100f, my unicorn camera.

I made the switch from a DSLR a few years ago to this cult-favorite camera, and have been a happy snapper since the moment we met.

The well-worn leather case is visible evidence that the camera has been tossed in the diaper bag countless weekends, flown to California, strolled around Disney, hung around my neck at every social event, and patiently lays in my purse, ready for me to discreetly take it out in a restaurant to snap photos of my food. It’s the best camera on the market for a photographer who wants a portable camera that takes professional, high quality photos.


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