10 Things to Know about Visiting Great Wolf Lodge in Concord, NC

Are you thinking about visiting Great Wolf Lodge in Concord, NC? Perhaps your kids are pestering you. Or, your mom friends have talked about their recent trip. The Great Wolf Lodge seems to be gaining ground with Disney as a must-visit spot for kids, except it’s not nearly the commitment.

Our experiences at the Great Wolf Lodge in Concord, NC

We’ve been twice for short visits. Both times have been floored with the endless opportunities for entertainment the resort provides. Our kids love the place. It’s not a place you’d ever choose to vacation without kids. However, if you’re thinking about an all-inclusive spot you never have to leave, this is it. You drive up and give your keys to the greeter. The Great Wolf Lodge gives you no reason to leave after that moment. You’ll find plenty of dining options, the signature indoor water park, indoor activities like the arcade, and activities like the science experiments on the main floor. Your kids will be captivated and happy the entire time you’re there. (I would not recommend more than a few days!)

What you need to know before visiting Great Wolf Lodge in Concord, NC

  1. When you pull up, the greeter and bellman will take off your luggage while you get Wolf ears and check-in at the registration desk. The staff has this process perfected and makes the check-in experience an easy one. Your wristband is your room key… brilliant.
  2. Kids are obsessed with the place the moment you walk in the door. It’s a wonderland for kids with a gigantic waterpark, flashy things to buy, an arcade, pizza, MagiQuest, and games.
  3. The indoor water park is amazing. Our three-year-old had three huge water areas to keep her entertained with smaller water slides and splash areas, and our eight-year-old son had a blast on the big waterslides. And, we had a blast, too! The puddle jumpers + pool towels are all included in the water park.
  4. Dunkin’ Donuts opens around 6 am when most of the guests are not awake. Unless you have pregnancy insomnia. Then, you loiter outside of the Dunkin’ waiting for a cup of decaf with the other two early risers. Around 9 am, the line is at least 1.2 miles long.
  5. Be prepared to spend a fortune or spend your entire visit repeating the word, “no.” You can take a few steps to minimize the fortune you spend. It’s not impossible to avoid a lot of the extras like the arcade, but it will take some focus to create tunnel-vision to get the kids’ eyes to miss a million opportunities to spend money on the bottom level by the water park entrance. For example, “chocolate is in our room! Run fast upstairs!” when you exit the water park. 
  6. The activities in the lobby are really fun – our kids love the evening pajama party and the science experiment. 
  7. The breakfast and dinner buffets are great deals – and we were all surprised by how much we liked it. Is it fine dining? No. However, the food is fresh and everyone had plenty of choices – great options for kids and the adults. 
  8. The faux woods decor is not exactly my style, but the decorator certainly stuck with the theme so the interiors are consistent throughout the hotel. Also, Great Wolf Lodged designed rooms for families. We’ve been twice and have comfortably fit 4 adults and 2 kids – both times we visited, we had a room with a separate bedroom with a bathroom, and a main living area with beds and another bathroom. 
  9. The best vacation ever is going with grandparents, and allowing them the once-in-a-lifetime experience to stay at the water park all day with the kids while you and your husband go shopping at Concord Mills.
  10. Great Wolf Lodge Reviews on Tripadvisor: 2,294 (56%) rated an excellent 5/5, and 1,067 (25%) rated it very good 4/5. Tripadvisor also rate-shops the best deals (but you can also check their website to book to find the best rate.)
Visiting Great Wolf Lodge in Concord, NC
activities in the lobby

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