Your kids will paint frame-worthy abstract art with this French watercolor set (and it’s only $12!)

When my 4-year old presented the masterpiece that she painted, I immediately thought “wow! I’d actually frame that one!” because the colors all looked so pretty. I looked at the paint set and realized the combination of blues, lilac, black, magenta, and yellow were no accident – it’s a beautiful color scheme, and anyone can use them to create a pretty picture. Brilliant!

abstract artwork by my 4-year old

How artists choose color explains the color wheel and different color theories and it all sounds extremely complicated. The Vilac watercolor paint set presents a beautiful color palette for little artists to create pretty paintings, all in style.

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A pretty French watercolor set for little abstract artists

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Vilac Paint Set

The paint set is in a stylish metal container (I think we originally got it at Anthropologie) and makes an adorable gift for kids. The container also contains the mess, which is a bonus!

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