What are your favorite family movies?

Popcorn on the stove
You can make popcorn without a microwave

We’ve had about 99 movie nights since March. This is the strangest time most of us have ever experienced, but the family time has been incredible despite the uncertainty in the world. I’ve loved our slowed-down time together, just the four of us ❤️

We’ve also been making popcorn on the stove. By “we” I mean Will, who makes the popcorn, and the rest of us just eat it. (When we built this house, we didn’t want a microwave, and I still love it.)

In InstaStories, the source of all things important, I asked everyone to share their favorite family movie because I feel like we’ve watched just about everything out there. I was surprised by the answers and how many we had NOT watched yet! So, of course I had to compile & share.

We usually look at CommonSense media to check the recommended age before deciding what to watch next.

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According to my instagram friends, here are the best movies to watch with your family:

And I’ll add some of our recent favorites:

Also, we have loved playing Rummikub when we aren’t watching movies.

Hope y’all have a great movie night! Feel free to keep the list going in the comments below!

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