10 fun things to check out this weekend

Welcome to the good taste weekend guide, where we round up ten fun things for you to do, see, read & watch each week! 

1 | Take a Chance the Rapper Deep Dive

You have to love a good, solid, descriptive name. Kanye could be a person, a store, a dance, an item of clothing, a dip for Naan, a new grape varietal. Kanye is just a name without a descriptor. It’s vague. Chance the Rapper on the other hand is not vague. He is straightforward. What does Chance do? He raps. No need for a business card. Watch Chance the Rapper: with Jimmy Fallon, on SNL (hilarious monologue!), Carpool Karaokee, and Harvard Lowkeys perform Sunday Candy.

2 | Shop this deal

This popular Draper James Chambray dress is now on sale for $78!

3 | Check out Society Social’s Grand Opening

Society Social is opening a flagship store in Charlotte! Your chinoiserie dreams come true.

4 | Work in working out

orange theory Hilton head

This week, we reviewed Orangetheory Fitness for beginners.

5 |Clean pots the correct way

Why you should never put a hot pan in the sink and run the water. (who else did not know this!?)

6 | Make a comforting soup

chicken noodle soup

Cold weather means soup season! Our favorites include a basic (in a good way) chicken noodle soup and Hurst bean soup (recipe on the package).

7| Taste the mystery Oreo

Guess the flavor for a chance to win $50,000 – the it’s harder than you’d expect!

8 | Start the sprint towards Christmas

We will be posting our gift guides over the next few months. First up: a round up of the prettiest white wooden play kitchens!

9 | Attend an event in Myrtle Beach

The Seafood Festival and more things to do in November in Myrtle Beach!

10 | Watch The Morning Show

Starring Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, and Steve Carrel, The Morning Show is a new AppleTV+ drama debuted on Nov. 1. Female empowerment, sexual misconduct in the office, and the changing landscape of the news industry are all themes unpacked in just the first episode. Definitely worth watching!

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