This Pier1 plush large area rug only looks high-end

The current rug in my living room is Shaggidy Shag – I promise you, the actual name on the label – and was a cheap find from Lowe’s. It hides all of the dog and kid spills. It’s been great for the past decade, but the shag rug is too small and is coming apart at the seems. Yet, I can’t make a commitment. My mom and I text links and pictures back and forth. This incessant search is somewhat of a fun activity that keeps us entertained. In this ridiculous search for a rug, I stumbled upon this Moorish Tile Ivory Rug from Pier1. This large plush area rug is simple but adds texture and pattern – it looks like a high-end rug, but it’s affordable! Thought I’d share in case you too are searching for a new rug!

current situation: Shaggidy Shag is shaggy

This is my method. Pick one thing – whether it’s the chandeliers or counter chairs – and obsessively scour the internet for inspiration and ideas. I’ve been searching for this specific pineapple chandelier since 2012. (I just took a break from writing to search for it once again and actually FOUND IT! Hmmm….)

Such is the rug. Long, philosophical discussions debating pattern v. no pattern. Jute. Oriental. Animal print? There was the one that got away. (It was a gorgeous blue oriental with a simple pattern along the edges and in the middle and not too busy. Waited too long to pull the trigger, and it was sold.)

This fun obsession to find the thing that exactly matches what I’m looking for has a few advantages. It prevents me from spending money because I can’t commit. When I actually do commit, I’m confident I’ve exhausted all other options and am buying something I truly love.

This Pier1 rug is not exorbitantly expensive. The plush and the pattern looks like a high-end rug in a home filled with antiques and oil paintings. The reviews are mostly positive – a few say the rug sheds but overall the reviews are 4.5 out 5 stars. One reviewer said, “I’ve had the ivory one for 5 years !! Maybe it shed in the beginning don’t remember but I’ve shampooed it a few times and after 5 yrs it still looks pretty awesome just about ready for a new one but for a white rug it held up pretty well!” (I wonder if this person has kids and pets with a an ivory rug, haha)

It’s available in several different colors and sizes, including the elusive 9×12. Happy house decorating, ya’ll!

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