This $5 kit is the perfect gift for crafty kids who love to play dress up

Some moms stock up on gifts & activities for kids so they are always prepared with a busy activity for a rainy day, or a restaurant, or for birthday gifts. Ah, wouldn’t it be nice to be one of those moms? We found a craft kit perfect to keep stashed away as a gift or activity for little ones who love to dress up. And it’s only $4.99!

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Tiara Craft Kit for the $4.99 win

This little girl is going to “be the woman who fixes another woman’s crown, without telling the world it was crooked.” And believe me, she will tell you straight up if you’re crown is crooked and specifically how to fix it. She’ll also add sparkly stickers and shiny cardboard jewels to make it a little more bedazzled ❤️

The Melissa and Doug tiara craft kit has been a HUGE hit with our non-princess-y 4 year old. She mostly plays with building toys like Legos, Magnatiles, and blocks – or she’s running around outside picking up bugs – so I was kind of surprised she was so into this kit. But she LOVED putting the stickers and medallions on the crowns, then finding the perfect dress to complete her ensemble. I guess you can be a tomboy but every girl loves to play dress up – whether it’s for work or play!

The kit includes 4 different cardboard tiaras to decorate along with stickers & cardboard medallions. Nothing messy!

Stock up on Melissa and Doug tiara craft kits on Amazon.

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