The best digital photo frame

An easy and fun way to display your favorite photos, and actually get them off of your phone!
Aura frame
Aura Frame

We take a million photos and they remained trapped in our phones, until we received the best gift ever: an Aura frame. Aura makes the best digital photo frame for displaying your favorite photos and memories in your home. It’s easy to set up, you control it from your phone, and I promise you’ll enjoy seeing your snapshots every single day. Our kids LOVE to see photos of themselves pop up throughout the day – on vacation, with the dog, when they were little – and it always sparks a cute conversation about their memories. This frame has brought so much joy to our family!

It’s an easy-to-use digital photo frame

The Aura frame is the BEST solution to actually enjoying all of your favorite photos and memories. I was a little bit skeptical when my sister-in-law gave it to my in-laws as their anniversary gift: 1) would they actually set it up and 2) would they ever add photos to it?

Here’s the thing: the app makes it ridiculously easy to add new photos to your frame so you’ll actually do it, and set up takes about 10 seconds.

It’s a photo sharing frame

My sister-in-law insisted we download the app (so we did) even though we didn’t have a frame, in order to add photos to their frame (so we did.) When I was at their house, I’d catch myself taking a few minutes to see the rotating photos.

They loved it.

I loved it.

Then, the best sister-in-law EVER gifted us an Aura Frame for Christmas. YAY! We set it up in minutes and added our Christmas morning photos to the frame. How fun! Now, we all share photos with each other on our frames through the app. It’s so fun to walk by the frame and see a fun memory pop up.

After seeing how easy it was to set up, and seeing my in-laws use it daily, I thought… could my digitally-challenged father figure out this thing? The answer is…. eventually. Shannon had to help.

In his own words, in an email with the subject line, ”Electronic Pictures,” he writes:

We are thoroughly enjoying the electronic picture thing you got us. I am amazed that you can download pictures to it as we can, although I have not figured that out. I can hardly walk through the kitchen without stopping to look at what is showing.”



Need I say more? Ok, sure. Here’s a few more reasons to get the Aura frame over other digital frames on the market.

Aura Frame Review: why get this one?

This frame is AMAZING. The screen is crystal clear. Once you set it up on your app, you control the frame from your phone and you do not have to mess with any more settings on the Aura frame. It’s so easy.

Is the Aura app easy to use? Yep, so easy! Just open the app, select the photos you want to add to the frame, and seconds later they’ll be in your digital frame’s photo rotation.

Can you share photos with other Aura frames? If you have others connected to your app, you can send photos to their frames and they can send photos to yours. Grandparents love to see new photos of their favorite grandkids pop up on the frame!

Should you get a frame that is also a family calendar? No. Not only can you share calendars on your phones, the beauty of this frame is that you don’t have to do anything on it. The photos and videos appear and rotate, so you can stop and take a few minutes to enjoy your memories. After reading reviews of frames that have more functionality and promise organization – calendars, to do lists, plus photos – I realized that having a frame that did more than just display photos would absolutely dilute the joy and simplicity of the digital pictures display.

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